Margaret, a beautiful 89 year old woman who resides in a care facility in West Jordan, Utah requested an authentic Italian meal, specifically Fettuccini Alfredo and Spumoni. She wanted to share this meal with her niece Diane, nephew-in-law Ben, and a few close caregivers from both the facility and Hospice for Utah. With much help from the community, A Life’s Wish was able to provide Margaret with a wonderful meal from Tuscany, and homemade Spumoni from Bella Citta. Bond’s Floral also donated a beautiful flower arrangement for the table, as her eyesight has worsened and her caregivers from Hospice for Utah mentioned she enjoys receiving great big bouquets.

Margaret’s love for Italian food came from her late husband who was from Italy. They often enjoyed Italian meals together with family and friends, which brings fond memories back for Margaret. She also loves being in an environment where she can socialize with people. This was a wonderful day for her; she was center of attention, enjoyed an amazing meal and dessert and was able to spend some time just enjoying the people that are closest to her.
Thank you so much to our community sponsors who made donations to make this happen. You helped to grant the wish of a very deserving Senior!!!

Val Seamons

Val, a 67 year old man, suffering from emphysema and end stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, visits the Grand Canyon!  Val, since childhood, had always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon and with the help of his hospice social worker he requested a wish with us.  On July 23, a four-passenger Piper plane left Diamond Flight Center in Spanish Fork and headed to Logan to pick up Val, his nurse and his aide, and take them to the Grand Canyon. 

This was the wish of a lifetime for Val and we are grateful for the opportunity to grant it to him!  Click on the link to read the pdf from the Logan Herald Journal newspaper.


Archie requested a wish to travel to Olympia, Washington to visit his son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  He had not met his 10-month-old great-grandchild before.  His family is so important to him and this trip allotted him the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy some precious time with them.  Archie said “World cannot express my joy!” in having this wish granted to him.


Florence’s dream was to see Pink Floyd in concert.  When she heard that the band, Australian Pink Floyd, was coming in concert she thought it would be the next best thing.  Florence is 89, on oxygen and in a wheelchair but determined nonetheless to go to the concert.  Personal Touch Transportation donated travel to and from the concert so there were no lines and no waiting.  We are told that Florence had an amazing time, lasting the entire concert, and knew all the words to all the songs!  Florence said, “I never had the chance to hear the real Pink Floyd but this was the next best thing.  Thank you!”



Fred, an 80 year old man, suffering from Parkinson’s disease requested a trip to Florida to see his brother, sister and son.  His brother is in poor health and was preparing for a major surgery.  He also wanted to visit his son, who is the Director of a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital, in Georgia.  He is a very proud father and wanted to visit the hospital that his son had started.  At the end of July we were able to send Fred, and his wife Twila, on the trip of their dreams! 


Bette’s wish was to see her granddaughter compete in the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas this year.  To get there she needed a back-up battery for her oxygen concentrator.  In October we were able to provide this battery and she was able to go and see the pageant!  Her daughter recently informed us that with the extra battery Bette has been “much less tethered to the house” and is enjoying getting out more.


George, in the last stage of his life, requested to have his wife, Suzanne, be at home with him while he passed away.  His wife worked to support the family and would not be able to do this and still pay the bills.  A Life’s Wish was able to pay the rent and utilities for the family for one month, which allowed George the precious time with his Suzanne before and during his passing.


Grace, 88 yeara old, lives independently at home in Salt Lake City requested some assistance with some landscaping.  She needed a pine tree removed that was too close to her foundation, her weeds pulled, and her bushes trimmed back.

Grace is passionate about working in her yard. Unfortunately, a spinal condition has left her unable to do what she loves most.  She does what she can, but it is just too much.  She has beautiful rose bushes in her yard that show the love and care that she has given them over the years.

Again, with some help from the community, specifically Allstates Landscaping and some volunteers from A Life’s Wish we were able to get her yard back in great condition so that she can enjoy it this Spring and Summer season.  Also, a big thanks to Oregon Acres Nursery who donated a beautiful rose bush, which was planted among the other rose bushes in her yard.

Another deserving Senior, full of kindness and gratitude, receives their wish!  Thanks so much to our community sponsors and volunteers for making this happen!


John is under hospice care and his wish was to see his son and daughter-in-law before he passes away.  His son lives in Washington State and was out of work.  He was not able to afford any travel.  In November we were able to fly in his son and daughter-in-law to Salt Lake City for 5 days to visit with their Dad.  The time spent together was invaluable. The son recently told us “The time we spent with him was precious and I really can not put into words how appreciative I am, nor thank you enough for providing the means for us to spend time with Mom and Dad.”


Kathleen was diagnosed with cancer and was given 6 months to live.  Her wish was to go and reconnect with her family over the holidays.  We were able to send her and her family (husband and grandchild to which she is guardian) to Alabama and Texas over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They were able to visit Seaworld while in Texas!  She said this was “A dream come true!”  She was able to mend and strengthen the relationships with her family.


Michael and his wife Andrea were residing in Kansas (originally from the Salt Lake City area) when Michael became very ill and was transported via Life Flight to Salt Lake City.  He was shortly after diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  They were forced to give up their apartment in Kansas and their belongings were moved to a storage unit there. We received a wish request from Michael asking us to help move their belongings to the Salt Lake City area, as they would not be going back to Kansas. In January (after Michael passed away) we were able to fulfill his wish and have their belongings moved to Utah where his wife will reside to be near family.


Patricia is 67 years old and lives in a retirement community. Her wish was to go on a cruise. She is a retired librarian and has been confined to a wheelchair since 2000. She had never been out of the sight of land!  In February we were able to send her on a one week cruise to the Mexican Riviera. She had an amazing time and said it was “A dream come true!


Sally resides in a hospice facility and her only wish was to play a Grand Piano before she passes away.  A local vendor, Summerhays Music, was willing to donate the use of the piano and A Life’s Wish was able to pay for the transportation to and from the facility.  Sally was so grateful, it seemed to brighten her days and outlook on life.